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My Background..... I have been shooting photography since 1970. My first formal study was with photographer William Barksdale at Mercer County College in New Jersey. Bill re-enforced basic photographic principles including lighting, image and processing fundamentals. I started with black and white photography which forced me to concentrate on form and composition. To this day, I find that black and white photographs can convey a greater impact on a subject because it compels you to ignore the influences of color and allows you to concentrate on the image details. Being from the old school of "film", I mastered the basics of camera operation on a vintage Konica camera, there was no "auto" on my first few cameras. As photography advanced I invested in better equipment and adapted to the changing technologies. With the advent of Digital photography I was able to take the fundamentals I had learned over the years and apply them with the new technological innovations allowing me to take full advantage of the creative possibilities. I continue to experiment and adapt to new innovations while sticking to the fundamentals that create good photographs.

Craig MacCambridge